In This Pivotal Time For This Generation, God Is Calling Us To Stay In The Room, To Receive A Fresh Outpouring That Will Help Us Understand Each Other In This Online, Virtual Conference

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In scripture, we read about the 500 that Jesus appeared to after his ascension, but many left and walked away. They wouldn’t stay in the room and wanted to carry out Christ’s ministry without the Holy Spirit.

In Acts 1:15, we read about 120 that were in the upper room.

What do we know about those who stayed in the room?

1.)   There were two warring factions.
2.)   They didn’t agree on many things
3.)   Some worried there could be spies for the Pharisees
4.)   They were probably fighting over toilet paper being stuck in the house so long (kind of like us today)!

But then something incredible – and entirely improbable happened in that day:

When the holy spirit falls on the room, those who fought each other finally could understand each other!

In Acts Chapter 2, this favorite chapter for many of us reads that they could hear each other in their native tongue, from all over the world at that time! Some even thought they were drunk with wine, but it was when the Holy Spirit fell that they finally understood each other!

They were in one accord in that room.

When we sow listening, we reap listening.

And so this is the word that we received for this years 818 This Sign:

You can’t become the sign until you understand your brother & sister – and the crisis to understand our brothers and sisters is so great that we need to be in the room a little longer – and listen.

Stay in the room, for when the holy spirit comes, our Unity will be a sign to the world of What God is doing!

When we sow listening, we reap listening.

At this event we plan to equip you be change agents to lead discussions in your community of what God is doing and unite even the most divided situations!

On August 7-8, 2020, we are calling everyone to meet us in the upper room.

We will be meeting God to pursue his presence around the world in our first Online-Only 818 The Sign event, to hear: what is God is saying about our nation – and the global situation today!

One thing is for certain: God is faithful through the generation. Just as he was for those in the room, he is today for you and your family.

This isn’t about another virtual conference or a movement by the hands of man, but a move of the holy spirit. This is about going low – and pursuing the one who has the answers for our situation!

Will you stay a little while longer to hear what God is saying – to listen and understand your brothers and sisters – and learn how to help them understand you?

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All Ticket Sales Are Final – No Refunds!

Our unity – coming together – will be a sign to this generation of God’s faithfulness.


The vision of 818 is that multitudes of people just like you would gather – a diverse, unified, sign to this generation – in prayer, worship & proclamation to contend for healing in our nation, returning us to intimacy with Jesus, transforming our communities to bring revival to the world around us!

This Gathering is a gathering of God’s people to unite in prayer for revival… because only a united church can heal our world today!

More Guests Will Be Added Soon!

"I, And The Children Whom The Lord Has Given Me, Are For Signs And Wonders In Israel ..." Isaiah 8:18 - Be The Sign To Your Generation!

Super-Super Early Bird Ticket Rate!

All Ticket Sales Are Final – No Refunds!

What will the gathering look like?


We are preparing this Gathering for thousands to come together – virtually – in a Facebook Group for the first time – in unity pursuing the breakthrough that God has prepared in the room – to unite us in understanding, being a sign to their generation between August 7th-8th, 2020!

There will be prophetic ministry from many of the major voices for revival and transformation in America, today several break-out sessions with prophetic leaders around the country who will discuss many topics to equip and train you for what God is doing today.

We will contend for the miraculous in our Gathering. As the Holy Spirit leads, there will be many topics covered as we cry out to God in passionate worship, prayer, and proclamation.

On this same day, we will host a powerful panel of key leaders in the Body of Christ, that are signs of the turnaround in healing America’s wounds. This panel of reconcilers is critical for equipping the church in addressing the issues that are dividing our nation. This panel will help answer the tough questions and provide answers on how to move forward together. Friday evening you will gather to encounter God in worship and experience a powerful message.

There will also be a focus on the great destiny of the inner city by calling forth church reformers, marketplace leaders, reconcilers, and innovators. There will also be contending for signs and wonders to be released for such a time as this. You will be filled with vision and purpose for your life to impact the world around you.

What Happened At The Last “818 The Sign” Gathering?


Many people, just like yourself, came – and left changed and marked for the rest of their life.

Entire life passions were ignited in people that are still burning to this day, as we hear stories all the time of what God did during this time together.

Ignited by the revelation God gave, Dehavilland & Will Ford founded “818 The Sign” and ran with the vision by calling several key leaders to gather, to pray and fast for spiritual awakening in America.

God moved profoundly in that assembly and many people become signs and wonders in their community!

This sparked the question within Dehavilland’s heart:

“WHAT could happen if millions of young adults in the inner city and the suburbs were impacted by the “become a sign” message with what’s happening in our nation today?

With all that is going on in our world today, this is why the “818” vision is critical for this hour.

This is why you are being called to be a sign – the 818 sign remnant – right now!

God will launch you from this Gathering to be His sign!


Thursday 8-6-2020
7:00 pm – Worship
8:00-10:00 pm – Evening Session – Will Ford

Friday 8-7-2020
10:00 am – Worship
10:30 am – Session 1 – Christa Smith
11:30 am – Created For Influence
1:00 pm – Session 2 – Sean Smith
2:00 pm – Session 3 – Ryan LeStrange
3:00 pm – Session 4 – Panel Interview
4:30 pm – Session 5 – Letesha Wheeler
5:30 pm – The Dream King
7:00 pm – Worship – Kevin LeVar
8:00-10:00 pm – Evening Session – Lou Engle

Saturday 8-8-2020
8:18 am – Welcome
8:30 am – Worship
9:00 am – Session 1 – Dr. Faith Wokoma
10:00 am – Session 2 – Dehavilland Ford
11:00 am – Session 3 – Jonathan Tremaine Thomas
12:30 pm – Close

God will launch you from this gathering to be His sign!

Our goal is to encounter Jesus as we pursue revival, unite to heal America’s divisions and contend in prayer for cultural transformation.

We are inviting you to stay in the room just a little while longer – to be a sign and a wonder in our world today!

You will receive revelatory teaching from leaders who not only carry revival but are making a difference in society.

Be a sign to your generation and Join us at the 818 the Sign Gathering!

Be The Sign & Register For 818 The Sign Online Virtual Gathering Today!

August 6th - 8th, 2020

After you register, you will be sent an email to join the Facebook Group where all the sessions will be taking place!

All Ticket Sales Are Final – No Refunds!

818 the Sign Gathering Will Be Held At Trinity Church

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